A Memorable Visit to the European Improv Championships

On Friday, April 19th our business school had a blast visiting the school show of the European Improv Championships at the Kuluturzentrum LUISE in Munich. Bulgaria, England, Germany and Portugal battled for the win in what was a highly entertaining and humorous display. The two teams competed in pairs: England vs Bulgaria and Germany vs Portugal.

The unique part was that the actors didn’t have any scripts memorized or anything. During some parts of the performance we, the audience, got to tell the actors what to play and they only had a few seconds to prepare. In one scene the actors had to play our teachers, which was hilarious. At the end of each round we decided which team performed better and so the final winners were England and Germany!

After the show we participated in workshops which allowed us to both meet new people from other grades and work on our own improv skills. Personally, we had a lot of fun and hope to be able to go to an event like this again in the near future.

text by Leonie Riedler & Elfrun Geisel (W8V)

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